Rope Twisted Bun For Prom Time

Rope twisted bun for prom time is very easy to create and will not take too long time to do. For prom time Braided Bun hairstyles come really handy, because these styles easy to and you can just create the style just in few minutes.

Fort his beautiful hairstyle you will need 3 to 5 minutes of your free time, hairspray and accessory, rat tail comb, brush, 2 small hair elastics, 2 ponytail holders, 8 to 10 bobby pins and spray bottle.

Rope Twisted Bun For Prom Time

Step By Step Instructions
Step 1: Part the hair in the middle of head and then split into 2 even parts, if you want for an more older look you can add curls and then before creating the ponytails you can tease the hair. Then you can leave a couple curly tendrils to frame the face.

Step 2: Take each part and then on the back of the head secure it into a ponytail with a ponytail holder. But make sure you keep the ponytails close to the middle part line.

Rope Twisted Bun For Prom TimeStep 3: Now, in each ponytail create a rope twist. For this split each ponytail into 2 even hair strands and then twist the right most hair strand clockwise tightly one full turn and cross it under the left most hair strand. And repeat this over and over again.

Rope Twisted Bun For Prom TimeStep 4: And then with a hair elastic secure each rope twist.

Rope Twisted Bun For Prom TimeStep 5: Now, under the left twist take the right most twist and then loop it up and over the hair elastic and then over the top of the 2 ponytail bases.

Rope Twisted Bun For Prom TimeStep 6: And to hold it in place secure the end with a bobby pin.

Rope Twisted Bun For Prom TimeStep 7: Take the left rope and twist and then under the right ponytail take it clockwise and up and then over the 2 hair elastics and secure it with a bobby pin.

Step 8: And until the whole bun feels secure, with bobby pins secure the hair.

Step 9: If you want you can add some accessories and hairspray for better finish look.

Rope Twisted Bun For Prom Time

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