Rosette Topped Ponytail Step By Step

Rosette topped ponytail hairstyle can be created with step by step instructions below.

Rosette Topped Ponytail Step By Step

Step By Step Instructions

Rosette topped ponytailStep 1 – As a first step toward the right side of your head you need to make an off center part.

2 – In this step you need to begin a French braid just near your forehead and on the left side.

Rosette topped ponytail

3 – At this point you going to braid back just until the French braid past your left ear.

4 – Now you need to stop adding to your hair and then you can begin a standart three strand braid.

Rosette topped ponytail5 – Then gently pull on couple of pieces of your braid, and from the edges of your braid. At this point do not pancake. All you need to do is make the braid flat.

You need to pull out couple of pieces of your hair. That way the edges of your braid can have a lace/scalloped edge look.

Half Way…

Step 6 – Pull on the edges while you go and then braid the hair to the end.  Then with a clear hair elastic secure the end.

Rosette topped ponytail7 – At this point until you have reach the French braid stopped, you need to wind the braid just upward and in a circular shape.

8 – And now to your head secure the flower braid with couple of bobby pins. So that way you can cover the point wich where the French braid has stopped.

Rosette topped ponytail9 – Then gather rest of the hair just down in back and to the left side.

10 – At this point with an hair elastic and underneath the flower, you need to secure rest of the hair into a low ponytail braid.

Rosette topped ponytail11 – Then with a small amount of your hair wrap the base of the ponytail to cover the hair elastic.

Step 12 – As a final step you can curl your ponytail.

Rosette Topped Ponytail Step By Step

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