Side Fishtail With Pictures And Instructions

Side fishtail one of the easy braided haristyle. You will create the style just in couple of minutes.

Side Fishtail With Pictures And Instructions

Side fishtail1- First get the deep side part. That way you will add a little bit more drama to the style. You need to take a nice small subsection and then split it into 2 parts. Now take the outside pieces of the 2 small parts and then over the middle just cross them.

Side fishtail2- On your scalp you need to keep your hands tight to keep the braid flat. Now start to pick up a little bit of hair then add it to the braid and then crisscross it in the center. Then on the outside keep picking up hair and cross it over the center. Be sure that your hair is smooth and all detangled. Because soon as you start get knots in a fishtail braid then you will lose the whole effect.
Side fishtail3- Now just follow the natural curve of the head. Keep your hands tight against the scalp and make clean crisscrosses. Soon as you reach right behind the opposite ear then from the top start taking parts and then add them in. That way right behind your ear braid can sit tight. Now all the hair is all ready picked up.
Side fishtail4- Now instead of the French fishtail braid begin standard fishtail braid. Take small parts and then over the center crisscross them. Now from the bottom stop this braid a couple of inches. Then from the back take a small part and wrap it around the band. And now finish tying off your hair elastic.

Almost Done…

Side fishtail5- Down over the hair elastic move the hair up. That way you can be sure that it’s all covered. Now just play with the style. You can pull out pieces and then you can even rough it up a little bit.

And now you just complete the side fishtail braid.

Side Fishtail With Pictures And Instructions

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