Side Mohawk Braid Hairstyle For Girls

Side mohawk braid hairstyle is very cute hairstyle for girls. This hairstyle will not need a lot of time to do. All you need to know is how to braid.

For side mohawk braid you will need 3 elastic hair bands or hairties, hairspray, comb or brush and hair spray. For this hairstyle you also will need 5 to 10 minutes.

Side Mohawk Braid

Step By Step Instructions

Side Mohawk BraidStep 1: Start with a side part first. Split the hair on larger side of part into 3 parts, from about 2 inches back creat a middle from face to behind the ear.

Side Mohawk BraidStep 2: Clip off outer parts away from middle part.

Side Mohawk BraidStep 3: In the middle part create a rope twist braid. At top of section split the hair in half and both pieces to the left and start twisting. Then to the right wrap around each other. Do the wrap twice, then from either side begin adding hair in and then wrap again. Keep twisting to the left and wrapping to the right. Add in hair from both sides with each wrap.

Side Mohawk BraidStep 4: Continue until you have reach the behind the ear and all hair from the part is added in. When all the hair is added in, continue twist braid down to the ends and then elastic hair band off. While you work on the other hair have your children hold it up and over the top of her head.

Side Mohawk BraidStep 5: Comb front part of hair smooth and over the ear and over the side. Have her hold the part and comb smooth the back part, over to behind ear. Before combing spray with hairspray that way you can make sura about smoothness and flyaways.

Side Mohawk BraidStep 6: After both parts are smooth join the hairs together behind the ear with a clear elastic hair band.

Side Mohawk BraidStep 7: Bring down the twist braid and then wrap the back and around the ponytail and continue winding down the ponytail until you have reach the ends. After that fasten with elastic hair band.

Step 8: As a final step spray down the flyaways.

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Side Mohawk Braid Video

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