Sock Bun Hairstyle, How to Make a Sock Bun

Sock bun hairstyle, today you will find out how easy to create sock bun hairstyle with step by step instructions.

Sock Bun Hairstyle, How to Make a Sock Bun

Step By Step Instructions

Sock bun hairstyleFirst step; First take the sock and then you take the toe and now hold the toe and cut inch off of the toe. Then you need to take the tube and just roll it down on itself.

Second Step; Now you need to roll it down on itself. If you want you can do something little bit smaller. If you wish you can use a pantyhose and then cut the leg off of the pantyhose. Then you can cut the toe and then roll it down on itself. At this point you most have a tinier version of this one. Now just unroll it a bit.

Sock bun hairstyleThird Step; Then you need to create a high ponytail. With your sock bun you can create your ponytail. If you want you can do a high or low one. Or you can just do a series of them.

Fourth Step; You can create messy and tousled bun. Now you need to hold it backwards. Then while keeping the head backwards put your ponytail on. Just keep tight back there.

Sock bun hairstyleFifth Step; And now take the sock bun and then before started you need to smooth the ponytail. You can dust it with hairspray.

Almost Done…

Sock bun hairstyleThen take the sock bun and slip it through and then keep your little cut end. Remember you need to hold the ends a little better. Then with the cut end slip it through pointing down. Now just all the way slip it to  the ends. Now wrap the ends and then bring the sock bun just down a couple of rolls.
Sock bun hairstyleSixth Step; Now, start rolling the sock bun down. And now keep it tight as you can. Then give it two more wraps. And now this is the sock bun wich is more natural. Now just spray the hair. Soon as you have sprayed the hair then with the rattail comb wrap from the top to the bottom.

Sock bun hairstyleSeventh Step; Then grab a couple of hairpins to hold the hair.

Now put them in and then drag them down. Then push them.

Sock Bun Hairstyle, How to Make a Sock Bun

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