The Star Bun Combo Hairstyles For Girls

If you want to create the star bun combo hairstyle for girls you will need hairspray, 3 ponytail holders, brush, spray bottle, 3 or 4 small bobby pins, spray in glitter, 2 hair ribbons and rat-tail comb.

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The Star Bun Combo Hairstyles For Girls

Step By Step Instructions

The Star Bun ComboNear the beginning of one eyebrow split the hair.

The Star Bun Combo1 inch back to form the first point of the star split out a triangular shape.

And to form the 2nd and 3rd points of the star split straight out on either part of the triangle, and back in.

Complete the star by parting the bottom 2 points.

After wet and slick all the hair inside the star into a ponytail to form the bun and then secure it with a ponytail holder.

The Star Bun ComboTeas the ponytail and then twist it into a bun and with a few small bobby pins secure the bun into place.

The Star Bun ComboBottom of the star the middle of the head to the nape of the neck continue to evenly part down.

The Star Bun Combo

The Star Bun ComboAfter, into low ponytails secure each side and add some ribbon for added accents or curls.

The Star Bun ComboIf you want to accent the star you can use spray glitter.

When everything is done to help hold the style add some hairspray.

The Star Bun Combo

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