The 1-Minute Rolled Chignon

The 1-minute rolled chignon has the beautiful and stylish look for daily use or for any speacial occasions. And this hairstyle do not need any more then few minutes of your time and just the couple of boby pins.

This hairstyle is not diffucult and the best part is this style can be done with the long hair, medium hair or even with the short hairs.

You dont have to spend a lot of time in front of the mirror to create this beautiful style.

The 1-Minute Rolled Chignon

Step By Step Instructions

The 1-Minute Rolled ChignonStep 1. Split the hair into 2 even parts.

The 1-Minute Rolled ChignonStep 2. On one side gather a part and then start just above the ear and start to roll the hair in.

The 1-Minute Rolled ChignonStep 3. Keep rolling along the hairline and add more hair while you go.

The 1-Minute Rolled ChignonStep 4. When you have reach the back of the head then tuck any remaining ends into the twist and then secure in place with a few bobby pins.

The 1-Minute Rolled ChignonStep 5. On the other side repeat steps 2 through 4.

The 1-Minute Rolled ChignonStep 6. Finish the style by pulling out a couple of pieces for more of a lived in look.

If you like this chignon style and if you do want to try more diffucult chignon hairstyles then we do recomend Dutch braid with Braided Hair Rose chignon or even more diffucult one integrated French braid hairstyle and Braided Chignon style.

The 1-Minute Rolled Chignon Video

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