The Big Poof With Headband, Short Or Long Hair

The big poof with headband, short or long hair dosen’t matter, you will make the hair improving that you want and just with the simple headband.

This hairstyle can be use with the curled ponytail, messy bun or with the French twist.

Fort his Project you will need headband of your choice, teasing comb, bobby pins and hairspray.

The Big Poof With Headband, Short And Long Hair

Steps By Step Instructions

Steps By Step InstructionsStep 1: Start the styling with slightly dirty or damp hair. If the hair is wet then blow dry it back so all of the hair can go to the same direction.

Steps By Step InstructionsStep 2: Part off and then secure the front part of the hair so that way you can easily access the hair that where needs to be backcombed.

Steps By Step InstructionsStep 3: Spray and then backcomb 1 inch parts all around the head.

Steps By Step InstructionsStep 4: Release the front part of the hair, spray and then backcomb it, then smooth it back. Keep on continue smoothing only the top layer of your hair, careful not to mess any of the volume you just created.

Steps By Step InstructionsStep 5: While you smooth the hairs, gather the ends of the hair and then pin them into a bump at the back of the head.

Step 6: Soon as you secured the hairs, use your comb and hands and hairspray to continue smoothing and shaping the hair poof.

Steps By Step InstructionsStep 7: At this point take the remaining hair that is down and pull it into a pony and twist it up and then pin.

Steps By Step InstructionsStep 8: Tuck and then pin the ends of the pony in so that you can create a clean French twist look.

Step 9: Add your favorite headband and then spray and smooth the hair for great finish look.

The Big Poof With Headband, Short And Long Hair Video

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