The Bun Hawk and Twisty Buns For Little Girls

For bun hawk hairstyle you going to need spray bottle, rat-tail comb, hairspray, brush and 10 hair bands.

For twisty buns 10 rubber bands, comb, brush, spray bottle, hairspray and any other accessories that you like.

The Bun Hawk and Twisty Buns

The Bun Hawk
Step By Step Instructions
Step 1: Start with the wet hair and brushed the entire hair.

The Bun Hawk and Twisty BunsStep 2: Then section the hair and then make 5 ponytails down the center of the head. Start with a part in front and then work your way back and secure the hairs with bands.

The Bun Hawk and Twisty BunsStep 3: Now take the first ponytail and until it wants to twist around itself begin twisting the hair strand then gently allow it to twist around the ponytail holder into a bun and then secure the hair with another hairband.

The Bun Hawk and Twisty BunsStep 4: For the other four ponytails repeat step 3.

Step 5: As a final step to help secure any flyways spritz hairspray.

Twisty Buns
Step By Step Instructions
Step 1. Start to style by wetting entire hair. Then right in the front middle of head part off a section of hair.

Step 2. Now from the middle to top of ear part down the hair.

Step 3. By adding an elastic form a ponytail.

Step 4. On other side of head repeat process to create 3 ponytails just on the front half of head.

Step 5. Next form each one into their own ponytail and create 5 total ponytails.

Step 6. Now until it is a very tight twist begin to twisting one ponytail.

Step 7. Until all 2 or 3 inches of hair is hanging out in the base wrap it around the ponytail holder.

Step 8. By placing another rubber band over the base of the entire thing secure the bun.

Step 9. With the four remaining ponytails keep on continue to create buns. On the back of the head when you do the 2 buns then make sure you leave the ends of hair towards the middle of the head.

Step 10. Now add a little hairspray to make them stay in place.

The Bun Hawk  Video

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