Triple Boho Braid With Writing Instructions

Triple Boho Braid; To create the style you will need hairspray, sea salt spray, a flat or curling iron, comb, brush and 3 hair elastics.

Triple Boho Braid With Writing Instructions

Step By Step Instructions

Triple Boho Braid1. Step Asa first step part your hair in middle and to the crown. You can flat iron curls throughout your hair. That way you can give hair some extra texture and more body.

Triple Boho Braid2. Step Then on one side begin a Dutch lace braid just close to forehead. Now from the top of your head gather the hair.

Triple Boho Braid3. Step Soon as you get past your ear then you can start angling the braid just down and then to the center of your head. Soon as you reach the center then braid the hair down couple of stitches and then you can tie off with a ponytail.

Triple Boho Braid4. Step Now just repeat the same thing on other side of the head.

Triple Boho Braid5. Step Then  remember to pull braid wide while you go.

Triple Boho Braid6. Step Hold the 2 pieces angling to the right side of the right braid to join the two braids together. Now that is the right part. Left most part of the right braid the middle part of the joined braid will be the and right part of the left braid. From left braid angling to the left the left part of the joined braid is the2 pieces. Soon as you have all the parts then continue dutch braid down.

Triple Boho Braid7. Step Now you need to pull the braid wide.

Triple Boho Braid8. Step Under braid pick up a small part of the hair on right side. And down to ends do a small fishtail braid. Then just repeat on the other side.

Triple Boho Braid9. Step Once again you need to pull the braid wide.

Triple Boho Braid10. Step Spray the style with sea salt hairspray and also scrunch and then let dry to add texture to the hair.

11.Step You have complete the style!

Triple Boho Braid With Writing Instructions

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