Triple Lace Braid Ponytail For Daily Look

Triple lace braid ponytail; For creating the triple lace braid ponytail you will need 2 hair sectioning clip, 1 hair band, paddle brush, 6 clear elastic band, 1″ curling iron, firm hold hairspray, rattail comb and 1 to 2 bobby pins.

Triple Lace Braid Ponytail For Daily Look

Step By Step Instructions

 triple lace braid ponytail Step 1 / On the right side part the hair and then to remove any tangles brush through it.

Step 2 / Next, from the part down to the right ear you can just divide off a section and clip off the forward part.

Step 3 / Now divide off a similar sized section on the left side.

Step 4 / Then into a ponytail tie the back section off to keep it out of the way.

 triple lace braid ponytailStep 5 / As a next step with the part that on the left side, split it into 3 equal vertical parts.

Step 6 / Then you need to wrap the forward 2 parts over the right side of the head and then clip them out of the way.

Step 7 / And then with the rest of the part just smooth down any flyaways with some braid paste that way you will ensure the braid at the end is very smooth.

Step 8 / Now you can braid this part into a lace braid and bring in hair that on the left side or just forward side of the braid.

Step 9 / Then you can braid the part that to the bottom and then either tie off the end or you can just gently backcomb it so it dos not unravel.

 triple lace braid ponytailStep 10 / Now near the hairline let down the part and then split it into 2 parts and clip the forward most part out of the way once again.

Step 11 / With the new part create a 2nd lace braid.

Step 12 / Let down the 3rd part just nearest the hairline and then create a 3rd lace braid.

 triple lace braid ponytailStep 13 / Now on the right side let down the hair and then create 3 micro braids.

Step 14 / Then let down the back part and then bring the entire the hair into a ponytail and at the end add in the braids so that way they do not get buried underneath any other hair.

Step 15 / Now with a hairband tie off the ponytail and just wrap a small part of the hair around it so that way you can hide it and secure the part with a bobby pin.

 triple lace braid ponytailStep 16 / Then with a medium hold hairspray spray the style to set everything.

Triple Lace Braid Ponytail For Daily Look

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