Viking Braids Wit Easy Instructions

Viking braids very hard to create? Nope, not with those easy instructions below.

Viking Braids Wit Easy Instructions

Step 1 –First, from the temples make a rectangular part back across the crown of the head.

Viking BraidsStep 2 – Then with this part of the hair create a French braid.

Viking BraidsStep 3 –Stop adding the hair soon as you reach the crown and then continue a regular three strand braid to the end.

Step 4 – At this point gently pull just on the very edges of the three strand braid, that way you will give the edges a loopy look.

At this step you do not just need to pancake it and just make it flat and then wide but you want the edges to resemble loopy edges of lace. You just need to make a couple of stitches of the braid and then as you go just pull on the edges but do not do it soon as you have complete the braid.

Step 5 –Then secure the end with a clear hair elastic soon as the braid looks like the way you want.

Viking BraidsStep 6 –Now you need to create a horizontal part on the left side of the head and near the bottom of the temple.

Step 7 –Next, create a regular 3 strand braid with this part of the hair.

While you braid every couple of stitches you need to pull on the bottom side or left side of the braid so that way you can make it loopy in appearance. Once again, you do not want to flatten and then loosen the braid but you need to left edge of the braid to be loopy but make sure that rest of the braid will be remain tight.

Viking BraidsStep 8 –Until the braid reaches the center of the back of the head keep on braiding the hair and then temporarily just secure the end.

Viking BraidsStep 9 –At this point with the rest of the hair that above the left ear repeat the steps 7 and then 8.

Viking BraidsStep 10 –Create another 2 braids on the right side of the head and repeat the steps 6-9.

Step 11 – At this point you should have a total of five braids wich 2 braids on each side of the head and then the French braid that in the middle.

Viking BraidsStep 12 –Next, toward the back center of the head draw the top 2 regular three strand braids.

Step 13 – Now with a clear hair elastic just join them together so that way they are centered on top of the braid that you made in step three.

Viking BraidsStep 14 – Then take a topsy tail and then through that center braid stick the straight end that  underneath the hair elastic from the braids above.

Viking BraidsStep 15 –Now, through the loop of the Topsy Tail place the tail of those two braids and then from step three pull them through to the back side of the braid.

Viking BraidsStep 16 –With the two final braids repeat this process above each ear. Then with an hair elastic join them together and then with your topsy tail pull the tail through the braid.

Step 17 – As a final step adjust the braids as you needed so that way elastics don’t show.

Viking Braids Wit Easy Instructions

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