Wand Curling Tips & Tricks

Wand curling tips that you need? For tight and also perfect curls you need to use smaller parts of the hair. For a much softer and much bigger curl you need to use more larger parts of the hair.

Wand Curling Tips

wandYou need to alternate the direction of that you are curling. 1 part away from the face and 1 part towards. if you do like to have more defined curls.

WandYou need to curl all of the curls just in the same direction. That way you will have more of a cool and wavy look.

WandIf you are curling the hair all the same direction or you are alternating dosen’t matter you need to always curl the parts closest to the face back and away from the face.

WandIf you do want to make sure that the hair last more than a day or two this is what you ned to do. First slide the curl off the wand. That way it will hold its curled form. Or you can use your fingers and wrap the hair around them. So that way it’s curled and also pin it to the head using a duckbill clip. If you want you can use couple of bobby pins if you do not have the duckbill clips. But the duckbills will be work the best. Until the curl has completely curled you need to keep it pinned to the head. That way you will make sure that the curls will last couple of days!

WandWhen you are all done using either fingers or a brush for soften the style, just gently brush through your curls. This will give you a pretty look!

If you want looser and also bigger curl you can leave out the bottom inch. Or your hair when you are curling it. This will help your curls to lay nicely.

Wand Curling Tips & Tricks

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